How to place an ad?

To place an ad, go to http://www.eireads.com/ads/place , fill in all the fields. When posting give a detailed description of the goods, load the good pictures and price quote in the box. Select the package ("FREE" if you want to place your ad for free), and click the "Next" button. Its recommended to add as much as possible information this can significantly increase visitors views. Do not submit the same ad repeatedly, it violates our rules.

To what category to place an ad?

You can find a list of categories and subcategories of the site and select the most appropriate category for your item on this page: http://www.eireads.com/ads/ireland-l/allcategories

Why my ad is pending?

To avoid spam content, each ad is being reviewed by our moderators. Pending is status when ad is not reviewed. Review can take 1-2 hours.

I can not find category?

Choose most close category to your desired category. We will appreciate if you send us missing category via contact form.

Can I duplicate the ad, submit it to the different locations?

No you can not, this violates the rules of the site and may lead to ads deletion by moderators.

How do I find my ad on the site?

In “My Account” -> “Active/Pending/Expired ads”.

Why should I upgrade my ad?

By upgrading the ad you will ensure its priority placement. Generally, featured ads being viewing on average 5 times more people comparing to normal listing. In some popular categories it can grow up to 20 times.